As another week passes it’s time for a weekly link dump. It seems like I added more links to my ‘to read’ folder than normal this week.

1. Museum Analytics – A great new website that I discovered from the Museums and the Web 2012  conference that was held in California last week. This website is an online platform that allows people to share data about museums and their audiences. The site contains a slew of data about how people interact with museums. I cannot recommend this site highly enough.

2. Museums and the Web 2012 – Speaking of Museums and the Web 2012, this site will be fascinating to anyone with even a passing interest in museums and their future.

3. Think Like a Startup – A link to a whitepaper explaining why more scholars and learners in contemporary society should adopt a startup mentality.

4. History Pin – A social (in the web sense) history site that allows users to ‘pin’ their own pictures to a world map. It might just be the name, but this site reminds of Pinterest (in a good way).

5. Academic Fashion? – As a reformed fashion-junkie I’m fascinated by anything relating to academic fashion. A Pinterest board by The Thesis Whisperer devoted to the topic of academic dress.

6. Behind Instagram’s Success – An article in the New York Times chronicling the history of Instagram. I’m interested by Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and what it says about the future of social networking. There about be a post about this later in the week.

7. Adult Internet Usage in the USA – A recent survey finds that over 20% of American adults do not use the internet. What challenges does this statistic pose for accessibility of digital content?

8. Screening Out the Introverts – An article in the Chronicle about introverts in academia.

9. How College Professors are Using Twitter to Re-engage Students – A blog post describing 7 ways college professors can use twitter to engage their students inside and outside of the classroom.

10. History Without Historians? Medical History and the Internet – An article by Helen King which grapples with a shift towards the ‘deprofessionalization’ of history on the internet.

So that’s it for another weekly link dump. Look out for posts on the site this week about my first day of online programming class, a post about my attempt to double my twitter followers in a month, and much, much more.

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