Digging through my back catalogue – great twitter tips

Some days I feel like a digital squirrel. Every day I find interesting stories and tips and ideas on the web and since I often don’t have the time or brain power to read them in the moment, I burry them somewhere hoping to come back. Whenever I’m on a computer I keep a tab loaded with a Google Doc called Links and Notes to Remember (you’re more than welcome to view it). This is where I squirrel away morsels of information that I hope one day to feat upon. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not.

Since information is meant to be shared, I’m going to post my favourite links, stories, and tips from my info-hoard on the blog. In addition to posts like this, I’ll also store these links in the tab called “Digital Humanities ‘How To’ Links” at the top of the page.

Today links all relate to how to get the most out of twitter.

1. 12 Twitter Tools Every Educator Must Know About – A good list of twitter tools. Many of the tools on the list (like Hootsuit and TweetDeck) are fairly well known, but it’s a good list none-the-less.

2. Top  7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter – Since twitter has the ability to eat up as much time as you have, these are some tips for managing your twitter time.

3. #Twitterstorians Interviews – A hub for interviews Darren R. Reid has conducted with a number of historians through twitter.

4. Using Twitter and QR Codes at Conferences – Great list of practical suggestions for using twitter and QR codes to improve your conference-going experience.

5. How to Archive Twitter Search Results in a Google Spreadsheet (and Analyze them!) – Archiving tweets can be a pain, here is one way to preserve your tweets.

6. 100 Ways to Use Twitter in Education, By Degree of Difficulty – A fairly comprehensive list of ideas for using twitter in education.

7. #twitterstorians vs. #digitalhumanities – A great breakdown and examination of the use of the hastags #twitterstorians and #digitalhumanities. A very interesting read.

8. “Why do you find Twitter useful as an Academic?” –  Mark Carrigan posed this question on twitter, he recorded the answers he received on his blog.

9. 100+ Serious Twitter Tips for Academics – A good resource for people just getting started on twitter.

10. This Clock Runs on Tweets About Time – I think this is super neat, a clock that build on a script that searches twitter for tweets about time and then uses this tweets to make a clock.

11. Archive My Tweets to Google Calendar – An ifttt recipe that helps archive your tweets to Google Calendar.

12. Collecting, Sorting, and Archiving Tweets – Tips from Duke University for collecting, sorting, and archiving tweets. I’ve been meaning to try out a number of different methods of archiving tweets. When I finally get around to it, I’ll post about what worked best for me.

If you have any twitter tips or links you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. Hopefully you find some of these links useful and/or interesting.

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