ivrytwr Summer Roadtrip 2012 – Uljin Aquarium and Expo Park

In our penultimate episode of ivrytwr video season 1 we visit the Uljin Aquarium and Expo Park. This is the first cultural heritage site that we wouldn’t recommend. While the Busan Aquarium seems clean and spacious, the Uljin Aquarium appears dark and dingy. We left this aquarium feeling sorry for the animals that lived there, especially for a solitary seal in a small tank with nothing to do other than swimming back and forth endlessly.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the idea of zoos and aquariums and the Uljin Aquarium and Expo Park did nothing to bring me around on the idea. We didn’t have time to film the rest of the Expo Park, but it is worth checking out if you’re in the area. They have some amazing indoor gardens, including an incredible espaliered tomato plant which was bigger than I ever could have imagined.

Join us next week for the season finale of ivrytwr video in which we explore the Kimchi Museum of Korea.

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