Ryan Hunt
– I hold a MA in Medieval Studies from the University of York (UK) and a BA in Medieval Studies and Greek and Roman Studies from the University of Victoria. I’m currently a graduate student in the Public History Department of Western University.

My goal is to expand the reach of digital humanities, extending it beyond the ivory tower and involving members from our community from every walk of life in this discipline. To help realize this goal, I’ve help to create the DHMakerBus – Canada’s first mobile digital humanities and maker education classroom. Using community donations we’ve purchased a 32 seat school bus which we are now in the process of making a classroom on wheels. Follow our progress on our project blog

If you find anything I have to say interesting, and would like to contact me, follow me on twitter (@Ryan__Hunt). I’d love to talk with you.


Steffen Hope – I am currently working on an MA thesis in Medieval History at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, situated in Trondheim. My academic interests are cultural, intellectual, mental and political history with an emphasis on the Middle Ages, public history and literature.

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