Mission Statement

Why does ivry twr exist? It exists for me, and if I’m successful, others, to help make sense of a rapidly changing world.

Technology and the internet has altered, and continues to alter, the ways in which we interact with each other and with the world. Creative people are seizing the opportunities created by technology and the internet to rethink and reinvent established traditions, ideas, and institutions. We live in a digital frontier which has not yet been settled – it is a good time to be a pioneer.

Right from the outset I want to outline my approach with this blog, both for my potential readers and for myself. The following are ideas and principles which will guide this blog:

1. Avoid hyperbole – When writing about the internet, technology, and the future it is easy be to hyperbolic. Seemingly every week I read someone predicting that eBooks will replace physical books, or that iPads will replace textbooks. Depending on that person’s leanings, these predictions are either apocalyptic (i.e. eBooks will lead to a generation with no appreciation for physical objects, thus leading to the collapse of civilization as we know it) or utopian (i.e. If all students use iPads instead of textbooks, drop-out rates will plummet and a new generation of uber-children will be born). I believe that the future will never be as extreme as we fear. Arguing whether eBooks will damn or save humanity is less productive than examining the strengths and weaknesses of the format. I’m not going to say that I will never be hyperbolic, because I fear that such a statement would be hyperbolic in itself.

2. Be optimistic – While there is a lot to be pessimistic about in today’s society, there is an equal (and I hope greater) amount to be optimistic about. I believe that technology and the internet can make the humanities better; I have great hope for the future of the humanities.

3. Have fun – Technology and the internet should be fun. Who doesn’t love playing with a new piece of technology, or discovering something fun on the internet? This is a site for people to share their passions, if I’m not having fun, I’ll know that I’m doing something wrong.

4. Be inclusive – For me one of the most exciting things about the digital humanities is its potential to involve a diverse community in a conversation. One of life’s great joys is talking to someone and discovering a point of view that you had previously never considered. My goal with this site is to try to get as many different people as possible sharing their ideas and passions.

So that is my mission statement for ivry twr. I’m sure that it will evolve and grow with time and as it does this page will change accordingly. I look forward to the changes that other people will bring to this mission statement.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Hi Ryan

    Good points. We’ve all had enough of simplistic utopianism or apocalyptic diatribes. The humanities offer a considered, human-centred perspective that understands the complexity of this ever-changing world we are all trying to navigate. Optimism is a moral imperative as well as a practical necessity. And, yes, fun is a very important measure. The “are we having fun yet?” question should always accompany any serious examination or discussion. It’s all about the conversation, and conversations are best when they are enjoyable as well as enlightening.

    Mark McGuire

    • Wonderful said, I couldn’t agree with you more. I really hope that we as a larger society are moving away from cynicism and sarcasm towards a society that embraces optimism and sincerity. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

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