ivry twr publishes a bi-monthly podcast which discusses the latest news about the digital humanities and interviews humanists about their digital projects.

Episode 1: On the inaugural episode of the ivrytwr podcast, special guest Annalisa Bolin joins me to discuss her blog General Grier’s Civil War.

ivrytwr podcast Episode 1 (Click to listen)


Episode 2: On the second episode of the ivrytwr podcast I am joined by my grandfather Barry Browning to discuss his memories of his childhood growing up during the Second World War.

ivrytwr podcast Episode 2 (Click to listen)


Episode 3: Today on the ivrytwr podcast I am joined by my friend Marri. Marri recently completed her MA in the History of Medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Since I completed my MA around the same time, Marri and I sat down to talk about our experiences, specifically, how our expectations met with reality.

ivrytwr podcast Episode 3 (Click to listen)


Episode 4: Today on the ivrytwr podcast I begin an on going series where I discuss my MA dissertation examining how a concept called ‘hegemonic masculinity’ shaped the urban politics of late medieval York. In this podcast I introduce my research and outline some theories about sex and gender which shaped my work.

ivrytwr podcast Episode 4 (Click to listen)

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